When you read Detective Comics your first thought of who the biggest bad ass is Batman…of course.  But there may be another, besides Robin, who may be big badder ass. Alfred.  Pennyworth.  This is an origin story of the man and the legend who raised Bruce Wayne.  I love this show.  It takes you on a journey that you would never had guessed but then when you see it, your instant response is…of course.  This Epix show,  (Yeah Epix..I didn’t know that channel either) is in its second season and I don’t know how I missed it when it first came out, but I’m glad I found it!

Grade: A+

Gold Rush

I have been watching this show since its first season many many years ago.  The constant in this reality show about mining gold is Parker Schnabel.  He started on the show at about age 14 and now he’s around 26 and very successful as a miner.  This show goes through the intricacies of mining in Alaska and the relationships of miner to each other and to the land.  The latest season (2021) follows 4 different mining operations: Schnabel’s, Rick Ness, Tony, and Fred.  Each with their own level of success and expertise. I really enjoy this show as you can tell by my constant viewing every Friday night for many years.

Grade: B+

Cobra Kai

I have been watching Cobra Kai since it started as the foundation of the now defunct You Tube professional content channel.  This was by far the only thing on that channel worthy of watching.  It has since been picked up by Netflix.  I have watched all of the Karate Kid movies, so I know the history of the show which I think is important to this particular show.

The first season is a play on perspective. See the world through an adult Johnny’s eyes.  Was Daniel-son the true bad guy?

I really like this show.  It has Karate!  It has Nostalgia!  It has a great story line and is not as hokey as the original movies.

Grade: A-

What I Have Been Watching – January 2021

I recently have cut the cord.  No Cable – No Satellite.  I only did this because up until now I have had shoddy internet because of living on a farm, but internet options have been expanding for those who can’t get a cable strung to their house.  I still use Netflix, Hulu and bunch of other streaming services.  I use a terrestrial antenna to get local stations and major networks.  I am surprised how well terrestrial TV looks. I have not used it since the 80’s and it is really clear and extremely high definition.  For everything else I have a Plex server that I am able to use get shows that may be from other countries or networks that are not terrestrial or on streaming services.  So far I am really happy with cutting the cord.

Here are the shows I have been watching in January 2021, these may not be new shows, but they are what I’ve been watching.  My goal is create reviews for all of these on the site and go back to what I have watched in the past and review also. The shows that are reviewed will have links to their post and I plan to update this page as I go.