What I Have Been Watching – January 2021

I recently have cut the cord.  No Cable – No Satellite.  I only did this because up until now I have had shoddy internet because of living on a farm, but internet options have been expanding for those who can’t get a cable strung to their house.  I still use Netflix, Hulu and bunch of other streaming services.  I use a terrestrial antenna to get local stations and major networks.  I am surprised how well terrestrial TV looks. I have not used it since the 80’s and it is really clear and extremely high definition.  For everything else I have a Plex server that I am able to use get shows that may be from other countries or networks that are not terrestrial or on streaming services.  So far I am really happy with cutting the cord.

Here are the shows I have been watching in January 2021, these may not be new shows, but they are what I’ve been watching.  My goal is create reviews for all of these on the site and go back to what I have watched in the past and review also. The shows that are reviewed will have links to their post and I plan to update this page as I go.

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