The Rook

Olivia Munn from G4’s Attack of the Show brings The Rook to Starz.  This show should be called Attack of the Mutants. An agent from a highly secretive supernatural british government department has been wiped of her memory and is on a mission to find out why and get justice.  This show is pretty good but at times gets to convoluted and hard to follow, however overall I like this show.

Grade: B


When you read Detective Comics your first thought of who the biggest bad ass is Batman…of course.  But there may be another, besides Robin, who may be big badder ass. Alfred.  Pennyworth.  This is an origin story of the man and the legend who raised Bruce Wayne.  I love this show.  It takes you on a journey that you would never had guessed but then when you see it, your instant response is…of course.  This Epix show,  (Yeah Epix..I didn’t know that channel either) is in its second season and I don’t know how I missed it when it first came out, but I’m glad I found it!

Grade: A+

Cobra Kai

I have been watching Cobra Kai since it started as the foundation of the now defunct You Tube professional content channel.  This was by far the only thing on that channel worthy of watching.  It has since been picked up by Netflix.  I have watched all of the Karate Kid movies, so I know the history of the show which I think is important to this particular show.

The first season is a play on perspective. See the world through an adult Johnny’s eyes.  Was Daniel-son the true bad guy?

I really like this show.  It has Karate!  It has Nostalgia!  It has a great story line and is not as hokey as the original movies.

Grade: A-

24:Live Another Day Episode 1

Jack Bauer is back and he’s wanted.  He rescues Cloe from the US Government in London while the the President is there as well meeting with the Prime Minister about the use of drones.  A drone pilot is accused of killing 2 American troops and 2 British troops, Jack knows who is the real culprit and will do whatever it takes to bring them to justice and save the President, who is also the father of the woman he loves.  This is why I love this show.  Years of action put into 24 hours, well 12 in this season’s case.  My wife calls this the ulcer show, because it never lets you stop worrying about Jack.  I call it exciting and fun.

Grade: A+