The Resident

There are a lot of hospital dramas on TV.  I think I watch them all…well almost. This show follows a resident at a hospital that needs a lot of changes to make a more ethical place and he is bent on making that happen.  It is a new way to approach a medical drama and it serves well for the genre.  I like the show and the many characters that weave in and out of the plot.


The Rook

Olivia Munn from G4’s Attack of the Show brings The Rook to Starz.  This show should be called Attack of the Mutants. An agent from a highly secretive supernatural british government department has been wiped of her memory and is on a mission to find out why and get justice.  This show is pretty good but at times gets to convoluted and hard to follow, however overall I like this show.

Grade: B

All Rise

All Rise it what is said when a judge enters the courtroom.  This is also said when a bride enters the church and walks down the aisle to start her new life.  This show is about a judge who is starting a new life.  She is newly appointed to the bench after years of being a prosecutor and she is also a maverick trying to widdle away at the inconstancies in the law.  The show is acted well and tackles some tough subjects.

Grade: B