Cobra Kai

I have been watching Cobra Kai since it started as the foundation of the now defunct You Tube professional content channel.  This was by far the only thing on that channel worthy of watching.  It has since been picked up by Netflix.  I have watched all of the Karate Kid movies, so I know the history of the show which I think is important to this particular show.

The first season is a play on perspective. See the world through an adult Johnny’s eyes.  Was Daniel-son the true bad guy?

I really like this show.  It has Karate!  It has Nostalgia!  It has a great story line and is not as hokey as the original movies.

Grade: A-

The Get Down – NETFLIX – 2016

The birth of Hip-Hop in the disco era?  Sure this will be interesting to some but not to the masses…right? Maybe to those from the Bronx that experieced it..but that’s it..right? Wait…what?  Baz Luhrmann is attached to the project….take all the money you need to produce this soon to be work of art.  It truly is that… a work of art. Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge) takes his brilliant story telling with integration of music right at the right time and takes this historical drama into more than a retrospective of the birth of Hip-Hop and turns it into an Everyman tale about coming out of the ashes like a Phoenix.

The story centers around Ezekiel (Justice Smith) who is a talented poet and is seeking a way to showcase his talent to verbalize his words. He meets Shaolin (Shameik Moore) a Padawan DJ, and together with the Get Down crew become legends.

I am usually leery of music shows claiming that the stars have talent and the music is awesome when at best it is usually mediocre lowering audience talent expectations across the world; but The Get Down has the talent with the rhymes, the beat, and the sound…it’s all good.

Netflix is doing something new and releasing 1/2 a season now and the other half in early 2017.  I love that the first half felt like a whole story, a 7 hour movie for those who binge watch..I cannot wait for part 2.

Grade: A+

Stranger Things – NETFLIX – 2016

Winona Ryder, Matthew Modine, kids on bicycles, and Dungeons & Dragons all wrapped up in the newest Netflix original. This show is reminiscent of a Stephen King story as well as Goonies and Lost. Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) has gone missing after playing Dungeons and Dragons. His mother (Ryder), brother (Charlie Heaton), and friends are looking for him. While out looking the friends run into a girl, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), around their age who is being hunted down by bad guys.
There are a lot of questions to be answered from the first episode that are not the normal questions that come from predictable hour dramas. I am really enjoying this show and it feels nostalgic for those who grew up in the 80’s.
Great cinematography, acting, and direction will keep me watching this entire series and because it is on Netflix I can binge it and wait a year for the next season.

Grade: A