Shark Tank

This show has been on for over 10 seasons and it has made lots of money for the sharks but it has also made lots of money for the entrepreneurs and ABC.  It is what it is, a commercial for the stuff the sharks buy. It is interesting to see how this kind of business is done, but if there is something of substance to  watch, I watch the substance instead.  There are good things about this show: taking those who have nothing and making something out of them.  There are also bad things: Greed.  Every shark has shown greed on this show, but the worst is Kevin O’Leary, the so-called Mr. Wonderful. But if I had the chance to show an invention on this stage I would do so.

Grade: C-

The Neighborhood

I wonder how the pitch meeting went for this show?  White guy moves in to a black neighborhood.  In this time of racial awareness how could this even be considered?  The stars of the show have clout so perhaps they were able to get the show past the initial pitch. Actually it is a good show.  It is a sappy sitcom and not really trying to say anything racially or if it is it is very little.  I think though it could if they wanted to but I am sure they would lose a major portion of their audience.  I like the show and it has a few good laughs.  But because of its potential and what it actually pulls off I give it a lower score.

Grade: C-



All I want is a show that’s good

With characters that can be understood

With no pretentious plot

Oh wouldn’t that be watchable

Lots of jokes to make me laugh

Lots of action and those who can act

Act Stan, Act San, Act Uta—

Oh wouldn’t that be watchable

…..I would go on but I think I would put more into writing this parody than the writers of Selfie did on the entire pilot episode.

The concept is taken from Shaw’s Pygmalion or for you musical theatre buffs My Fair Lady.  It is an attempt to modernize the story.  Girl, Eliza, is stuck in a social media rut with tons of likes but no real friends in comes Boy, Henry…no they did not change the first names from the original…some might think that is clever…I think it is lazy….  Boy helps girl to be the life of the party.  That’s it.

The only saving grace of this show is Karen Gillan who plays Eliza.  You may recognize her from Doctor Who and most recently The Guardians of the Galaxy (where she is really unrecognizable).  I will watch this show one more time if it doesn’t improve I will stop. If it does I will let you know.  You can watch it on Hulu or watch the premiere on ABC TUE SEPT 30 8|7c.

Grade: C-