Red Oaks

Some might compare this show to Caddyshack, I would say they are wrong.  This show is not as funny as Caddyshack, but I don’t think it is intended to be as funny as Caddyshack.  This is a jungensbild, a coming of age story.  The story of the right of passage when a boy realizes that he has worth and becomes a man.  The story centers around David, played by Craig Roberts, who has taken a job as the assistant tennis pro at the Red Oaks Country Club owned by Paul Reiser’s character, Getty.  David’s Parents parents played by Richard Kind and Jennifer Grey also add to the turmoil in his life by not having a loving relationship.

There are the pot smoking valets and the rivalry with the golf pro, but the most fun part of the show I think will be the retro feeling it has from the 80’s.  How fun to have an 80’s country club series with Jennifer Grey no less.  I do hope that Amazon does choose to continue production of this pilot, I for one want to see how David turns out.

Grade: A-
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