Gold Rush: Whitewater

In my previous post about the original Gold Rush show I mentioned that it has all levels of miners, this version is miners of all ages that are new to this kind of mining.  They mine in raging raging cold water that is storming down mountains. It’s dangerous and exciting.  A father son duo who have a disconnected relationship work together and apart to find gold at the bottom of the stream.  Fun show but not as good as the original in the franchise.

Grade: B-

Gold Rush

I have been watching this show since its first season many many years ago.  The constant in this reality show about mining gold is Parker Schnabel.  He started on the show at about age 14 and now he’s around 26 and very successful as a miner.  This show goes through the intricacies of mining in Alaska and the relationships of miner to each other and to the land.  The latest season (2021) follows 4 different mining operations: Schnabel’s, Rick Ness, Tony, and Fred.  Each with their own level of success and expertise. I really enjoy this show as you can tell by my constant viewing every Friday night for many years.

Grade: B+