The Goldbergs

I love the 80s.  I grew up in the 80s.  This show is about growing up in the 80s and it is rad.  This is a retelling of the childhood of Adam F. Goldberg the creator of the show as he grew up in the 80s and his obsession with filmmaking and recording everything  with his camcorder.  The early seasons for this show were quite interesting and remarkable, however as the series tears on it has grown a bit stale relying on an 80s stereotype for each episode.

Grade: B-

The Good Doctor

Freddy Highmore plays a new surgical resident with Autism in this ABC medical drama. Another British actor playing an american. I like this show and the light it puts on people with disabilities and unique circumstances.  However at times it does border on exploiting those same people.  The action centers on the choices the main character makes and those around him as they all deal with his autism.  In a sense this is Doogie Howser but instead of age the conflict is autism.

Grade: B+

Shark Tank

This show has been on for over 10 seasons and it has made lots of money for the sharks but it has also made lots of money for the entrepreneurs and ABC.  It is what it is, a commercial for the stuff the sharks buy. It is interesting to see how this kind of business is done, but if there is something of substance to  watch, I watch the substance instead.  There are good things about this show: taking those who have nothing and making something out of them.  There are also bad things: Greed.  Every shark has shown greed on this show, but the worst is Kevin O’Leary, the so-called Mr. Wonderful. But if I had the chance to show an invention on this stage I would do so.

Grade: C-

The Rookie

Captain Hammer has joined the police force at the age of 45.  Oh my.  This ABC show has been on a couple of seasons now and my initial review was that it was hokey and I loved it.  I still think it is a good show. Nathan Fillion, the lead actor, does a great job and is able to make you like him no matter the situation.  This past season they have tried to make the show more dramatic which is noce but I think they can go a lot farther, but perhaps the distance I want is more than network TV is allowed to go.

Grade: B-

2015 Fall – What Looks Good

This is the Monday when all the shows start to role out for the 2015 Fall Prime Time TV Season and there are a lot of new shows coming out on all the networks along with the ones that have found a way to get their second, third, or maybe even more seasons on the air.

Here is what looks good for each day of the week.  Set your DVRs now because you can't get them all in live..there are way to many!

    • Gotham - FOX - 7:00 c
      • Starts September 21st, 2015
      • They say that this is the Villains Rising seaon; I became bored with it and stopped watching it at the end of season 1.  Maybe I'll pick it back up.
    • Life in Pieces - CBS - 7:30 c
      • Starts September 21st, 2015
      • Not quite Modern Family; not quite Parenthood; but a little of both. Too many good actors for the show to stink.
    • Minority Report - FOX - 8:00 c
      • Starts September 21st, 2015
      • This takes place about 15 years after the movie with Tom Cruise and features one the kids who saw the future.  This is a futuristic look take on a buddy cop show.  Looks interesting if they can do more than a new villain every episode.
    • Scorpion - CBS - 8:00 c
      • Starts September 21st, 2015
      • This season Scorpion looks like they are going to get deeper into each character and add to the love interests; I don't think it needs it.  I like the procedural aspect of the show.  I like that they are nerd heroes saving the world.
    • Blindspot - NBC - 9:00 c
      • Starts September 21st, 2015
      • She doesn't know her past.  She is covered in tattoos that are clues and they are brand new.  Also she can kick ass. Looks promising.
    • The Muppets - ABC - 7:00 c
      • Starts September 22nd, 2015
      • AWESOME!  I cannot wait for this.  It's the Muppets.  They are back.  Hurrah  This cannot be bad.
    • Scream Queens - FOX - 7:00 c
      • Starts September 22nd, 2015
      • Jamie Lee Curtis is back in the genre that made her famous.  However this show may be a feminist's nightmare.  I'll give it an episode before I give up on it.
    • Limitless
      • Starts September 22nd, 2015
      • Take a pill and you are a genius.  Better than a genius.  Based on the Bradley Cooper movie and produced by him.  He's gone a long way since The Actor's Studio.
    • The Mysteries of Laura - NBC - 7:00 c
      • Starts September 23rd, 2015
      • It looks like more of the same of last season and I liked last season. Debra Messing does a nice job playing a single mom detective.
    • Rosewood - FOX - 7:00 c
      • Starts September 23rd, 2015
      • Doctor and cop team up to solve cases.  Morris Chestnut stars as a medical examiner that has a cap to life and is looking to make the most out of it.  The anti-Dexter.  Looks interesting.  Might give it two episodes to get into it.
    • The Goldbergs - ABC -7:30 c
      • Starts September 23rd, 2015
      • Their back.  Fun show especially for those of us who grew up in the 80s.
    • Modern Family - ABC - 8:00 c
      • Starts September 23rd, 2015
      • Consistently one of the best shows for 6 seasons.  Season 7 can only get better.
    • Grey's Anatomy - ABC - 7:00 c
      • Starts September 24th, 2015
      • We lost a major character last season.  The promise is everything is different.  Is that what the show needs?  Shonda knows best.  Looking forward to this staple.
    • Heroes Reborn - NBC - 7:00 c
      • Starts September 24th, 2015
      • The man with glasses, Hiro, and others from the original series are back along with new heroes.  This was a favorite of mine when it first came out.  This one has Chuck (Zachary Levi) as a bad
    • The Player - NBC - 9:00 c
      • Starts September 24th, 2015
      • Wesley Snipes on TV....hmmm...this show about homicide mixed with gambling might be a bit to convoluted. I'll give it an episode or two to make my cut.
    • How to Get Away with Murder - ABC - 9:00 c
      • Starts September 24th, 2015
      • Season one was more than I thought it would be and Viola won the Emmy.  I'll give it another season.
    • Brooklyn Nine-Nine - FOX - 7:30 c
      • Starts September 27th, 2015
      • Bill Hader as the new captain.  I don't think that will last, but the show is funny and will be something that I watch throughout the season.
    • Blood and Oil - ABC - 8:00 c
      • Starts September 27th, 2015
      • Don Johnson plays an oil baron whose son is a screw up that he disowns.  Son tries to outdo the old man.  I'll give it a few episodes.
    • Quantico - ABC - 9:00 c
      • Starts September 27th, 2015
      • Young FBI agent, one is a terrorist.  NICE.  Very interested.























All I want is a show that’s good

With characters that can be understood

With no pretentious plot

Oh wouldn’t that be watchable

Lots of jokes to make me laugh

Lots of action and those who can act

Act Stan, Act San, Act Uta—

Oh wouldn’t that be watchable

…..I would go on but I think I would put more into writing this parody than the writers of Selfie did on the entire pilot episode.

The concept is taken from Shaw’s Pygmalion or for you musical theatre buffs My Fair Lady.  It is an attempt to modernize the story.  Girl, Eliza, is stuck in a social media rut with tons of likes but no real friends in comes Boy, Henry…no they did not change the first names from the original…some might think that is clever…I think it is lazy….  Boy helps girl to be the life of the party.  That’s it.

The only saving grace of this show is Karen Gillan who plays Eliza.  You may recognize her from Doctor Who and most recently The Guardians of the Galaxy (where she is really unrecognizable).  I will watch this show one more time if it doesn’t improve I will stop. If it does I will let you know.  You can watch it on Hulu or watch the premiere on ABC TUE SEPT 30 8|7c.

Grade: C-


240.16x9What if you were immortal?  Would it matter to you if those around were not?  Dr. Henry Morgan
played by Ioan Gruffudd is indeed immortal and has been around for 300 or so years and has seen and has gone through death a lot.  Every time he dies he wakes up in a body of water…naked.

Judd Hirsh back from the days of Taxi plays his sidekick Abe and when I learned what their relationship in the show is(you’re going to have to watch it…I will not give it away here) that is when I said this is a show I am going to watch.  I love smart writing and interesting character relationships.  Gruffudd’s character is a coroner or some sort of post mortem body examiner.  He meets detective Jo Martinez
played by Alana De La Garza when he is involved in a case where a subway train conductor dies. He is treated as a suspect and proves much like Sherlock Holmes that he is not the murderer.

Throughout the pilot we learned a little about the character’s life and lost love.  It plays with the idea of immortality being so great but you still feel pain both physical and emotional.  I cannot wait for this show to officially premiere and other episodes to come out.  You can watch it on Hulu or you can wait and with it on ABC on TUE SEPT 23 10|9c.  I will be watching it again, and if you know me you know I never watch anything twice.

Grade: A+