2018 Fall New Shows


Each year I check out the new shows coming out in the Fall and choose the ones that I think are promising here’s what I looked at and what I think:

September 4

Mayans M.C. – FX – 9 pm – Stanford student joins a biker gang…or at least that’s what the trailer makes you think.  From Son’s of Anarchy creators.  I didn’t watch that but this looks watchable.

The Purge – USA – 9 pm – The movies are now a tv show with a deeper look into why people need to purge.  Not a fan of horror genre and didn’t watch any of the movies. I don’t like the whole idea of this show.  Too many sickos out there that want this to be real.

September 12

American Horror Story: Apocalypse – FX – 9 pm – The cast of this show almost makes me want to watch a horror tv show.  I looks interesting but I can’t get over the genre, sleep is too important.

September 14

Forever – Amazon – Starring Fred Armison and Maya Rudolph, probably my two least favorite SNL alums.  Ordinary marriage with the monotonous day to day doldrums until something happens to change everything.  Would watch with a different cast.

The First – Hulu –  Sean Penn leads this cast they venture to be the first to explore some sort of space thing..maybe mars..i don’t know it didn’t tell me in the trailer.  Not a fan of Sean Penn, not since Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  He always seems depressed in all of his roles,  I have enough issues with depression and don’t need Penn’s help.

September 21

Maniac – Netflix – “Multi-Reality-Brain-Shit.” Starring Jonah Hill, Emma Stone, and Sally Field…Yes Please. I will binge this so hard.

September 24

Magnum P.I. – CBS – 8 pm – Not anything like the 80’s show with the same name.  I think someone had the idea of a private eye whose main client is killed and took the Magnum P.I. name to get more eyes on the show. No porn-stache, not interested.

Manifest – NBC – 9 pm – Reminds me of Lost but after they come back from the island.  I like the idea of a show about a force greater than us all, that is an awesome fictional device.

September 25

F.B.I. – CBS – 8 pm – Looks like another Dick Wolf procedural. Nothing that we haven’t already seen.  There is so much out there to spend my time on…this doesn’t look unique enough.

New Amsterdam – NBC – 9 pm – Another medicine show about putting patients first in a system that won’t let them.  I do like this idea and it hasn’t been done well yet in my opinion.  I’ll give it a chance and see if they can keep me.

September 26

Single Parents – ABC – 8:30 pm – Taran Killam from SNL and Brad Garrett From Everybody Loves Raymond are part of the ensemble of single parents trying to get to the next day in this promising comedy.

A Million Little Things – ABC – 9 pm – Looks like another depressing show.  It’s only redeeming quality is that it addresses the taboo topic of suicide. I’m glad it does this, but I wish it looked like a better show. If it makes it to season two I might catch up, but for now it’s a no.

September 27

Murphy Brown – CBS – 8:30 pm – A revival of the original series.  I used to watch the original. I will watch the new one take on the Trump administration.

September 28

The Cool Kids – FOX – 7 pm – A comedy taking the stigma out of the nursing home.  Looking at the cast you don’t realize that they are old enough for the old folks home: Martin Mull, David Allan Grier, and Vicki Lawrence, but I guess as I get older so do they.  I will be watching this!

September 30

God Friended Me – CBS – 7:30 pm – This shows reminds me of a song from the musical Alter Boyz entitled “The Calling.”  In Altar Boyz it was a quick song then it moved on to funnier things.  This show stays on the same subject that is really outdated. No Thanks.

October 1

The Neighborhood – CBS – 7 pm – Most of my being tells me I shouldn’t like this show, but the 1% won out this time.  I will be checking it out.

Happy Together – CBS – 8:30 pm – It’s a modern day Bye Bye Birdie.  Rock star moves in with ordinary people.  I will check it out, looks funny with Damon Wayans Jr. from New Girl.

October 4

I Feel Bad – NBC – 8:30 pm – Another show about becoming your parents, not interested…it’s been done and from the looks of it has been done better before.

October 5

Into the Dark – Hulu – Not much out there about this show, but it is going to be horror, so I already know it is not for me.

October 10

All American – CW – 8 pm – Taye Diggs, Football, coming of age?  This looks interesting.  I’ll check it out.

October 12

The Romanoffs – Amazon – This show should be sponsored by Ancestry.com.  I know that sounds like a boring concept but it looks interesting and it has everyone in the cast. Literally everyone in Hollywood.  I’ll try it out, but if I don’t like it…I’m roamin’ off.

October 14

Charmed – CW – 8 pm – Didn’t watch it then…won’t watch it now.

The Alec Baldwin Show – ABC – 9 pm – Caught this when they did a test run last season.  I’ll try it again.

Camping – HBO – 9 pm – Jennifer Garner, David Tenant, and an Airstream.  I wonder if the camper is bigger on the inside?  Looking forward to this show.

October 16

The Connors – ABC – 7 pm – I’ll continue the journey of this show without Roseanne.  I hope they lay off the Trump stuff.

The Kids Are Alright – ABC – 7:30 pm – An interesting 70’s family drama. I can relate to much of this so I will check it out.

The Rookie – ABC – 9 pm – I didn’t want to like this..but I think I do. Captain Hammer is a rookie on the police force, I’m just glad he’s not a novelist anymore.